Winter Solstice - The Rebirth of the Sun

Winter Solstice - The Rebirth of the Sun

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A day to celebrate and honour the longest night of the year and welcome the rebirth of the Sun.

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Sun., 20 June 2021 11:00 am – 8:00 pm AEST



115-117 Farm Road

Springwood, NSW 2777



Winter Solstice,or Yule, is the time in the year in which we honour the longest night and shortest day. Darkness has reached it's peak.

It's the time where we welcome the rebirth of the Sun as we slowly move towards the light and the days begin to grow longer.

For centuries many cultures and religions around the world have celebrated Yule and all other equinoxes and solstices, and take this opportunity to gather in ritual and celebrate with feasts, dance, music and more.

It's a time in which we are gifted the opportunity to ground ourselves with Earth and connect with our ancestors. To re-member the space in which we honour traditions. To sit in circle and welcome in the glory of the changing of the seasons.

On this day we will:

- Share in Circle.

- Feast (all meals provided).

- Workshop (wreath and lantern making).

- Learn about Winter Solstice traditions.

- Sound bath meditation.

- Fire Ceremony.

- and more..


So come join me and lets celebrate together the Rebirth of the sun.

With love, Romi.

*Babies in arms are welcome.


Please bring:

- Journal

- Altar offerings

- All white clothes.

- Your own special mug, bowl, plate, cutlery.