About Me



Hi I'm Romi; I am the woman, Mother, daughter, sister, friend, lover and Goddess behind SoulBirth.

I live and work in the beautiful Blue Mountains with my husband Dom, our son Oli, daughter Alma and our dog Quincy.

My vision in life is to hold space and nurture women and the sisterhood, to hold space for the collective and our communities also.

I am part of change and revolution, reclaiming the sacred rites of passage we all go through in our lives, I will hold and be held by our tribe, and honor the teachings within the cycles of our Earth, and channel these through everyday practice, because we are all keepers of the sacred of this land.

I hope this page finds you, holds you and supports you.



“Women need the archetypal image of a Divine Feminine. We need to reconnect with the inherent sacredness of woman as creator and one who nourishes, rather than accept a vision of ourselves as less-than-divine-inferiors”

- Layne Redmond ~ When the drummers where Women.