Who does our Birth Choice belong to?

Who does our birth choice belong to?

Who does our birth choice belong to?


 Many years ago, on a time when Women where revered for being the creators and carriers of life, childbirth was a seen as a Rite of Passage like no other.

It was a time when Women where treated like Queens and surrounded with other women to hold space for them as they journeyed through Birth.

Men where not invited, not even allowed in this space.

This time was spent supported by ancestral midwives that had learned the practice through generations and passing wisdom from one another, and where seen as the ultimate Spirit Guiders, Shamans, Machis and beyond.

They knew that women only needed to be made feel safe, acknowledged, left to trust their bodies and their instincts and just sit and wait for her to gently birth their babies.
In many cultures, this time was even spent far from the main Village so the Mother knew she wasn’t being observed or made feel any pressure on how she was experiencing labor, but was being cared by a Tribe of women who would help her if needed.
The time after Birth was seen as a seclusion time for Mother and Baby to bond and rest, and all chores, including other children, where taken care of by her Tribe of women, making the transition into this realm for baby a much gentler and a soft experience. But for Mum as well ! 

Women where the channels between Universe and Earth.

Of course we understand that not everything was perfect, or went accordingly to a plan, or that women and babies didn’t die.
There where problems and situations where not much could be done, but this was also seen as a Rite of Passage in itself, and both those lives where honoured for the fight they went through to even arrive at that point.

So, what changed as time passed by?
Where did all this magic and respect flowed to and who took control of a situation that was never theirs to take?

Suddenly we had evolved in so many ways with a positive change and had learned things that where going to transform the way we live forever, but Birth and Childbearing? This took a completely different turn.

The medical system as we know it today, which is highly ruled and dictated by men, decided that this natural Rite of Passage was an event in a woman’s life that needed control, that needed to be overseen by “professionals in the area” and that was something women should actually be scared off… because let’s face it, birth is dangerous and people die. 
As if this was the only situation in life where death exists.

But, was this the opinion of every person, male and female? Or of just a few?
And how did this reasoning truly impacted the way we see birth today?

I believe, it has transformed us into a generation that lives following what others believe to be true, or believe to be safe.
Where we have absolutely disregarded our own feelings and instincts, and where once we honoured ancestral wisdom, we now see it as Witch Craft.

As anthropologists say: ‘ We only know what’s true according to what and how the story has been told’.
So how does this relate to Birth?
Well, we now allow others to make decisions about our experiences and where and how is safest to birth our children.

Where the Medical System and their rules is the only safe option and any other views are wrong and a misconception of real life.
But what the system doesn’t seem to realise is that if women where allowed freely to choose where and with who to give birth, they would always choose the safest option for themselves and their families, always !

This is the perfect example on why so many women are choosing to Freebirth in Australia. Its not because they don’t value the care of a Midwife, it is because women are not given a real option or chance to choose where and wth who they want to birth.
And they are quite terrified of falling in a spiral of medicalisation where they cant escape.
Because let’s be honest, if we are not given all the options we don’t really have a choice, do we?
There is something inherently wrong with our society around Childbirth that needs to be changed, that needs to be re taught.
Because it is only with the right information and the right education that we can change the way we see birth and allow women again to feel like Queens as they experience this important transformation.

The medical system needs to accept that the control they imposed onto women and their families has been a means of power, but a power that has never belonged to them.