Wow..! What a beautiful and...

Wow..! What a beautiful and glorious way to celebrate Winter Solstice! We crafted, shared, feasted, honoured and loved, all while gathering in sacred circle. It was beyond an honour and a pleasure to hold space for all the amazing women who joined this day.
I absolutely love doing this work. My heart feels so content and full by knowing this path in life is my journey into service.
Every little detail of it.
From lighting every candle in preparation, grinding every spice for warming chai, adding every log to the fires, to holding the space for every single woman. It is absolutely magical and divine.
I give thanks to them for not just allowing me to do this, but also encouraging me to do so, and for so openly allowing themselves to be vulnerable and honest. I give great thanks to my teachers who have guided and believed in me, to my red thread, to the owners of this land and to all the spirits and ancestors that hold me and show me the way.
And I give great thanks to all women. May you be blessed and nurtured.

✨Happy Winter Solstice ✨
Can’t wait for the next gathering.

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