Who does our birth choice belong to?

 Hello there !

Welcome to this new blogging space where I will be sharing my thoughts and visions on all things birth, women, sisterhood, Doula's work, Moon Boxes and more!

During the last few months I have been proudly involved in a Mentorship Program with the ladies from WeBirth and alongside some fabulous women across Australia, we have been immersed in learning so much about all these important topics hoping to become the best Doulas we can be.

As part of this program we have had to read, write and share thoughts. With this, we had to write a blog, and let me tell you, I am one nervous momma here sharing it with you all.

It's one thing sharing with classmates where we are all learning, and a very different thing sharing with the whole world! (In the hope this page reaches many of you haha).

But here it goes.
One step at a time, hoping I get better at it so I can share more and more.

In this blog I share some personal thoughts on how I believe our world has changed when it comes to the way we see birth, the way we support women and their families through this journey and how has the Maternity System been involved in all these changes.

Hope you enjoy it.
Blessings to you all