We must understand that as we grow

Go To Post     We must understand that as we grow, we also evolve. All the different experiences we have in our lives shape shift us into who we are.. every single day. And it’s ok to feel like someone completely different in time. I’m not who I was at 15. Or at 20.. or 30. I have journeyed through so much in these past few years, specially since becoming a mother, and I have come to discover in truth the person that I want to be. The person I AM. Not only for my children and my husband and my family, friends... but for myself. I have experienced grief, joy, love and all the emotions, and with them I have been nurturing the seed of self growth. And of course sometimes it’s been challenging or scary, but what lies ahead of change is the opportunity for new beginnings. The opportunity to clear the shadows we carry that oppress our full potential, and instead look at them straight in the face and welcome them, heal them and allow them to be a crucial part of who we are. It’s ok to step away of what/who no longer serves you to be able to receive what’s best for you. This is growth. I thank my life for everything I’ve done.. but now I look into the future with so much clarity. I honour all the parts of myself and vow to carry them within me as I step anew into life. There’s so much purpose ♥️