Surrounding myself with things that...

Surrounding myself with things that inspire me and help me re-member where I come from and where I belong.. where I walk and with who, is a small but powerful tool to stay connected with myself and my purpose.
It’s not just coincidence.
It’s an act of determination. An act of strength. An act of revolution.
I choose what/who/where/when I do life and how.
And for this I am grateful.

Life is more than just surrendering and trusting the process, it’s about making choices too. Every minute of the day.
It’s about taking responsibility for our actions and reactions.
Yes, of course I believe that there are magical energies around us, but I also believe we work with these... we team up, and then life happens.

So my choice is to surround myself in beauty.
The bush, the sun, the moon, my family, my friends, my chaos, my trinkets, my home...
And with this find my north.

@hearth_song bowl