Somebody asked me the other...

Somebody asked me the other day if I had manifested / called in the home we’re living in at the moment or if it was just pure luck.
And I had to pause for a moment.
Because to me there’s a fine line between believing everything will come to you if you manifest it hard enough or if you don’t. I absolutely believe in the power of calling in the life you want to have, the home you wish to live in, the friends you wish to have, the dreams you wish to create.
But all that manifesting requires active work too.
You can’t just leave it to fate and asume if you pray hard enough all your dreams will fall into place.
That’s actually a bit entitled to me.
A bit of an easy escape.
Because most people I know have worked really hard and actively to bring their dreams to life. Weather that is by having a 9/5 job or by selling art, or by connecting with the the people that align with them... but at the end of the day, they all share that powerful strength that has make them pursue their vision.
I actually have a deeper respect for that people than for someone that keeps on waiting for their dreams to happen because they’re just manifesting.
Just surrender, believe it will all come at the right time, sing your praises, allow it to flow...
that speech makes me shiver.
I reckon surrender to who you truly are and go find your dreams!
Surround yourself with people that bring the light within you and believe in your power.
People that want to see you thrive and become your truest most beautiful self, people that hold a similar vision to yours, places that feed your soul and make you feel like you’re home.
Find a partner in life that wishes to create a bright and ecstatic life with you.

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