My sweet Oli Inti, you...

My sweet Oli Inti, you are 5 today!
You are the kindest little boy and your heart is the pure expression of love.
Everyone that is in your life is blessed by your friendship and happy spirit, and is fortunate to share life through your eyes.
Since the day you where born you have been the most chilled and easy going, the funniest and most courageous, the most adventurous and the most loving.
You have become the most caring and gentle big brother to your little sister, and feel so proud on your role.

We have been blessed with your existence since we started dreaming you in our lives, and how grateful are we that you decided to choose us to walk life with you.
It’s been an honour to hold your hand in your journey and to watch you grow... every step of the way.
You teach me so much and my heart has been so expanded in kindness and gratitude because if you.
Today and every day I hope your life is filled with LOVE.

Words don’t seem enough, I absolutely adore you.
You definitely are a Sun God.

Love you my darling.