My mother was my first home

My mother was my first home ❤️ • I asked my Mum if she could send me some photos of us together as a baby and she sent a collection of such divine old school pictures. So gorgeous! But she also told me she didn’t have many because she didn’t like taking photos, she’s a bit of camera shy. And my first thought, besides thinking she’s crazy because look at her!! Stunning ! But how important and imperative it is that us Mothers take pictures with our babies. We will cherish them forever!! And our children, just like me, will want to honour them and have as such a precious treasure. So much of the love and devotion of mothers is like this silent and invisible superpower that carries us throughout our whole lives. Sometimes we can’t see it all in its glory. So let’s change that ..! And let’s get mummas present at all photos so they are a gift for the future generations. The most divine journey. Me in my mothers arms Love you Mamá Xx