My body welcomed its first...

My body welcomed its first bleed since becoming pregnant with my daughter, and I found myself in a place of conflict.
In a place of wonder but also in a place of disappointment.
My heart felt so much love and gratitude for this perfect sacred body. The body that bleeds so I can nurture and grow babies in my womb.
A sacred temple.
But my heart also felt sadness and a feeling of separation.
As if I was breaking up our cosmic cycle with my baby.
I felt like a transition has emerged for both of us as we grow together, as we wake up from the cocoon that we’ve been in for the last 20 months, and we slowly become 2 people... 2 entities, not just one soul anymore.
My body feels tired.
It’s shedding.
I can feel her asking me to take time to slow down and to honour this blood 🩸
Even yesterday I made choices all day that where leading me to be quiet, restful, not doing much... and as I sat receiving the afternoon sun on my skin I felt a gush... and I knew.

So today I’m in my comfiest clothes, slowly parenting and potting plants, immersing myself in bush, soon to create ceremony for this body that has held my babies so safely and tenderly... giving it back to the land.
My first blood in our new home.

I know what my New Moon prayers are now..
And I have called in the directions and their blessings, their guidance and their wisdom.
Sacred ceremony for all my relations.