It’s been eight months since I have been feeding you

Go To Post     It’s been eight months since I have been feeding you, since my body has been creating the perfect concoction just for you. A nourishment so complete, you don’t need anything else to thrive. And it’s till this day, that I find it the most magical experience. But it hasn’t been easy. We had a rough start. Many times I said I just couldn’t keep going. The pain was too much, the fever and chills where too much. The never ending agony that made me reconsider so much. The pumping to try and heal the wound, the attempts at bottle feeding from time to time so I could just have a moment in which my breast was not in pain. The feeling of wanting to run! And the memories of feeling like failure for a birth that didn’t happened as planned. But.. as the sun rises every morning, so did we. And our challenge slowly became more distant You learned and so did I. We travelled together on this journey and we held each other.. innately knowing that everything was gonna be ok. And so today we still sit together and hold each other through this magical time in which just the two of us exist, and time seems to stop for a bit, allowing us to be fully present. Because I know that even when before I almost gave up, I am so glad I didn’t... because this journey won’t last forever. - - To all mothers out there struggling with feeding.. I wanna tell you: It’s ok !! It’s ok to feel overwhelmed. It’s ok for it to not be as easy as you thought. It’s ok if you feel like giving up. Everything is ok. How you feel matters, and it’s all valid. You are not a better or worse mother for having this thoughts. For deciding you might take a different path. You are perfect, and your baby LOVES YOU. I just hope you feel heard and held, and if you don’t, find someone that could provide this support for you. You are worth it, and it is your right to feel like the queen you are. So much love.