As I sit here on...

As I sit here on the eve of your birthday my mind seems to be exploring so many memories, and my heart so many emotions.
I’m travelling from happiness to sadness.
From mystery to deep knowing.
From surrender to control.
From life to death.
And even that these places are like Ying & Yang, just like it, none can co exist without the other.
So I have this feeling deep in my soul of knowing that everything is right... because you’re here.

My girl.
I always knew it was you, even when I doubted it sometimes.
Your big brother never did. He always knew it was you.
Your dad too.
You came back from the stars where you left your spirit brother, and carry his soul with you.
Mi Alma.
The year of your conception I was journeying the most magnificent experience alongside sisterhood.
Everything around me screamed feminine energy... so of course it was you all along.
So the day I met you and found out you where a girl, my heart and eyes bursted into tears, just like I did with your brother, as I knew it was you all along.

Some memories are bittersweet, but that’s ok.
They are all worth your journey.
We are so grateful and honoured to have been chosen to be your guides on this lifetime.

Mi hija,
Con amor, Mamá.

📸 by @kate_randall_photography
Another amazing woman embracing my feminine