A few years ago when...

A few years ago when I was working at Bunnings and I was pregnant with my first baby a customer came to me and asked me if my boss had me standing all day while working at the registers.
We exchanged a few words and after a while, and totally of her own will, she asked if she could speak to my manager.
Of course after she did I got called upstairs.
Let me tell you, she was not happy.
I was in the lunch room and she just went off!!
She said “how dare you speak of us like that, as if I’m not doing what I can to ensure you’re comfortable, and blah blah.” But she was screaming at me !!
And I was in shock.
Add in all the hormones of a heavily pregnant woman, I tried to answer her back calmly, but couldn’t contain my tears.
I felt totally attacked, diminished and almost scared.
I had no words and all I wanted was for her to just stop so I could re group.
After she left I had the chance to take a deep breath, but I had to finish my shift.
I went home feeling quite upset. But kind of upset at myself for not drastically stopping her and standing my ground!
For stopping her from treating me like that!

It was only a few weeks after that that I finished working there, and vowed to never come back.
It had its good things, but it was in general a very toxic place to work in.
And I was not willing to have that energy around me while carrying my precious baby.
Now, I have always been someone with a strong personality and someone who is not scared of speaking my truth, but since giving birth to both my babies, the LIONESS has come out full force!
It’s like a part of me that was dormant had been ignited and set a light.
And fuck it feels great!!
I am here to not only speak for myself but to speak for my children!
And I feel so proud that it’s them coming into my life that has created this ripple effect of becoming more and more the person I want to be.
Specially now as our voices and freedom are being stripped away from us, I have an obligation to be their shield.
To be their LION mumma, their leader in the best way possible... just like it happens in nature.

So, no, I won’t stop.
Not now, not ever.
For I have come to this world with a clear purpose,