International Women's Day 2021

What a special day this was.
A whole day in which we gathered with sisters and sat in circle so we could have the opportunity to honour ourselves and all women all while laughing, dancing, feasting and sharing ritual.

International Women's day was a day to be held and to recognise how much we all need each other. How us women thrive and actually need other women to complete our life journey.

We have always supported each other through life changing experiences. Like our first blood, our births, our postpartum journeys.
But we have also supported each other on everyday tasks such as meal prepping, caring for our families, breakups, tears and laughters, and by providing a warm cup of soup for a friend in need.



















We NEED each other because we ARE each other.
We all have a little part of ourselves in all women.
Even if we don't walk the same path, we know inherently how to hold space for each other.











So this day was all this.  
It was the words put into action.
We all poured tea for each other. We all cared for the Mamatotos in our tribe.
We all held each other as we sat in circle and called ourselves fully present, because that's what we where there to do.

Honour ourselves. As a whole, a collective.
As the Maiden, the Mother, the Maga.

We celebrated with cups of Chai warmed by the fire, and feasted in food that was prepared in love and devotion for us.










We where held by the warm sunset, and as the darkness slowly arrived, we held space for each other with a Fire Ceremony.
We burned, written in a piece of paper, what was not needed of ourselves anymore, what was needed to be released in order to make space for new things to come.
We followed the sound of the drum.
And as the stars started to shine upon us, we welcomed the music and danced.











And I knew I was home.

What an honour it was to facilitate this gathering.
The first of many more to come.

Blessings xx